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Rudi van Dantzig's "Romeo and Juliet"

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Royal Winnipeg is bringing Rudi van Dantzig's "Romeo and Juliet" to ballet-starved Vancouver in 2014 for its Western Tour, and I found a couple of clips on YouTube, including this version of the Balcony Pas de Deux with Marieke Simons:

I guess there's a guy in it, too, but I didn't really notice, because I couldn't keep my eyes off of her.

I noticed that there's a difference in that version, which I think is a studio version -- I didn't hear applause -- from this live version with Larissa Lezhnina and Altin Kaftira: a little after the 4.5-minute mark, in the Lezhnina version, the Nurse makes an actual appearance, while in the Simons version, it looks like in the second jump to his shoulder Juliet spies someone through the curtain and tries to send him away before changing her mind. I like that version better, but I suspect if it was a studio version, it might have been adjusted, the way Rodolfo's "Si" in the middle of "Mi chiamano Mimi" is often cut in solo aria albums.

Not surprisingly, most of the clips are either promo montages or of the Balcony PDD, with the exception of a 2-minute clip of the PDD with Paris.

Has anyone seen this version? Does it hold up for 2+ hours?

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I have not seen it recently, but I saw Evelyn Hart do it a few times and adored her in it. Yes, I would say it holds up for the duration. And the set is admirably efficient. If I can dig up my tape of the RWB studio version, I'll rewatch it and report back.

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