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Today my classic music station posted this link on their FB page - Greece's national symphony & chorale are being shut down. They gave a performance and here is a clip of Elgar's Nimrod and the Greek National Anthem:


Obviously the TV camera operator closed in on the faces of the most emotional musicians and chorusters. Imagine if this was the London Symphony Orchestra shutting down entirely - or any other beloved institution. These are clearly the artists who don't earn glamorous salaries - they do this because they love music.

While we may disagree with some of the Greek politicians' policies, I grieve that so many institutions are suffering - not just in Greece but also in Spain (Barcelona Ballet) and Italy (everything but La Scala).

Then in places like Egypt - the problem is the fundamentalists running the government. The Cairo Opera House recently announced a strike in support of the fired AD, in an incredibly emotional moment on the stage when the curtain rose for the opera Aida:


I wish I knew what to do that would actually be helpful.

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well, a small light in Egypt - the military has deposed the Muslim Fundamentalist President and his Islam-oriented Constitution. Hopefully Egypt will get a new democratic government and constitution, and appoint good leaders with funding for their cultural institutions.

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More sad news, NYT reports that some stolen paintings may have been burnt by the mother of a suspect. Her logic at the time was that the government could not convict her son if there was no evidence.


Maybe not a crime against humanity, but definitely a crime against all future generations who will not be able to see the works.

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