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"Black Swan" interns win their lawsuit

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This has more to do with the use of unpaid interns than "Black Swan," but the interns just won their lawsuit that they should have been paid for the work they did on the film:


I would guess that dance schools and companies using unpaid interns will be taking a close look at this decision.

EDITED: That link apparently expired. Try this one:


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Much better -- thank you! This is a very fresh issue, and I think is going to get bigger over the next several months. The total economic environment surrounding higher education has been experiencing significant inflation, from tuition and fees to internships and other non-compensated, non-academic work. Working in the non-profit world, I've seen the number of interns grow almost exponentially recently. In some cases this has allowed organizations to do work they otherwise would have to pass up, but it does create an expectation in the community that you can do even more with less than you were doing before. Eventually, this will implode.

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