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2014 Met Season

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Vasiliev is scheduled to dance DQ with ABT in DC on 4/20, let's see if he's going to show without the "O" factor.

I've had the sense from his Twitter account and YouTube channel (which are very active) that he's trying to show he's a star in his own right, dancing alone and with other partners (even Don Q). His partners in DC and NY (Herrera and Reyes) look like good choices for him -- not just size-wise; they're unlikely to come close to his pyrotechnics, making him look even better (or so he might think).

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I think Vasiliev must know he's a star, with or without Osipova. He can pick and choose where and what he dances. He gets invitations from numerous major ballet companies, in addition to doing these Kings of Dance shows. He danced with Cojocaru when ABT last performed Bayadere, and they worked well together. (Misty Copeland's Gamzatti, however, was overshadowed by the other leads, in my opinion.) I also saw him do Spartacus in DC when he was still w. the Bolshoi, and Osipova was not on that tour. His performance was excellent.

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I think Vasiliev is perceived as a gala performer, but has the ability to also be a dramatic performer. I thought he was quite good in Bayadere and Spartacus, and I'm not just talking about the technical aspects of the roles. I thought he inhabited the role of Solor as a character. He was charming and engaging in Coppelia a few years ago w. Xiomara Reyes at ABT. Since he does not have a danseur's physique, he is generally not offered the heavy duty dramatic roles like Albrecht or Siegfried (except perhaps at the Mik). He is not everyone's cup of tea, but I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do in Giselle when the Mik comes to NYC. He is definitely not a one trick pony.

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I think Vasiliev is perceived as a gala performer, but has the ability to also be a dramatic performer. I thought he was quite good in Bayadere and Spartacus, and I'm not just talking about the technical aspects of the roles. I thought he inhabited the role of Solor as a character. ... He is definitely not a one trick pony.

Very much agree with this assessment. Actually I thought he was really compelling in Spartacus, but also very good in Bayadere -- and just a treat to watch as Orion in Ashton's Sylvia, too, though that's not a "star" role. I feel he could be a major presence in future with the right decisions (from him) and right guidance and opportunities (from others). Plus the usual luck that seems to have to be in play for everyone who has a great career...

I think he will continue to get opportunities, but it would be a shame if ABT couldn't quite figure out what to do with him. (Thinking off the beaten track of his current ABT rep, I think he might be quite entertaining as Lescaut in Manon.)

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I'm not sure that his lack of casting for the upcoming ABT season can be blamed on McKenzie. For all we know, McKenzie may have offered him additional appearances but he refused. Given the wonderful reviews Vasiliev received in Coppelia and Bayadere at ABT in previous seasons, I would have assumed those roles would be offered again. He would also have made a wonderful Puck. Notably, there were TBA slots Bayadere and Coppelia male roles roles for some time. Vasiliev creates excitement in the house and good press in the papers. McKenzie is no fool when it comes to selling tickets.

If Reyes' partner for Coppelia would have been Vasiliev, I would have bought a ticket. Without him, I have zero interest in seeing that performance as it is presently cast.

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I arrived just before 10:30 and was number 16 in line. The issue today was that for whatever reason we were kept waiting outside in the very cold weather until 11:30. As soon as the box office opened at noon it went very quickly. But the line had grown very long by then.

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So all the TBAs are now announced, and 6/7 matinee Manon is designated as Vishneva's 10th anniversary celebration.

I was worried the 10th anniversary celebration would impact pricing, but luckily dynamic pricing does not seem to have kicked in for that performance...yet. I have to say I can't believe it has already been 10 years since Vishneva danced that first, sublime Giselle with Corella. I have been following her less in recent years as her dancing has become a bit more mannered, but I figured it was time to revisit her Giselle, and who knows how long she will keep coming back to ABT. I remember her as the Manon to see, and I can't wait to see her vamp it up in that role. (Well, we once had an embarrassment of riches with both her and Ferri in the role.)

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Release on the opening gala (info on the program but not the casting:








Gala Evening Sponsored by LANVIN

American Ballet Theatre’s 2014 Spring season at the Metropolitan Opera House opens Monday, May 12 with the annual Spring Gala benefit at 6:30P.M. Sponsored by LANVIN, the evening will feature ABT’s renowned Principal Dancers in preview performances from the eight-week season.

Mrs. Michelle Obama will serve as Honorary Chair of ABT’s Spring Gala. Emily Blavatnik, Nina Rennert Davidson, Nancy McCormick, Kalliope Karella Rena, Mary Elizabeth Snow and Monica G-S Wambold will serve as Co-Chairs.

Vice Chairs for the evening include Cecile Andrau-Martel, Valentino Carlotti, Donna and Richard Esteves, Susan Feinstein, Victoria Phillips, Martin and Toni Sosnoff and Sutton Stracke. Junior Co-Chairs for the evening are Sarah Arison, Julia Spillman-Gover and Mark Tashkovich.

A portion of the proceeds from the Spring Gala will support ABT’s education and community outreach programs.

American Ballet Theatre’s Spring Gala performance will feature selections from the season’s full-length ballets including Don Quixote, Cinderella, Coppélia,

La Bayadère, The Dream, Giselle and Manon. The evening will also include a performance by students from The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School at ABT, Jiří

Kylián’s Nuages and excerpts from Gaîté Parisienne.

A Gala dinner at The Tent at Lincoln Center will immediately follow the performance. Gala benefit tickets priced at $1,500, $2,500, $3,500 and $5,000 include the performance and post-performance dinner and dancing. For Gala benefit ticket information only, call American Ballet Theatre’s Special Events office at 212-477-3030, ext. 3310.

Performance-only tickets, beginning at $25, are available online, at the Metropolitan Opera House box office or by calling 212-362-6000. For more information, please visit ABT’s website at www.abt.org.

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I just added on tickets for Manon for Vishneva's 10th anniversary performance. Given that I already spent money on five other shows this ABT season, I didn't want to spend alot of money and ended up in the dress circle boxes. Hopefully I'll be able to see most of the stage.

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ABT has posted the opening night gala performance w. casting. Stearns is not on the list of performers. I think it's reasonable to conclude he will not make it to his Don Q assignments during week one. Who is his replacement and when will they tell us? I wonder if he we will be out the entire season.

The only other ABT dancer cast as Basilio who is tall enough to partner Semionova is Whiteside. Will they have Gomes step into Basilio, as he did in Washington DC.?

I wish Stearns all the best, but I've been waiting YEARS for them to partner Part w. either Gomes or Bolle in SL. If that happens, I will get myself to the box office as fast as possible to buy a tix for Part's Wed matinee SL.

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