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Mark Morris Interview in the New York Times

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Mark Morris was interviewed in the "New York Times," and it was published today (6 June):


My favorite quote is:

And so as soon as I was choreographing other people besides myself, which was very early on, I was making up stuff that I wanted to watch, as opposed to what I wanted to feel like.

I wish that were every choreographer's MO.

Wonderful point. Very funny (and insightful) interview. This is probably my favorite part:

"Do older dancers bring something that younger dancers don’t?

I like working with grown-up dancers much better, because there’s somebody to talk to at the airport when you’re delayed."

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haha! The man has no filter, and he's completely honest about how he views the world. Even though I disagree with him at times.

Here is my favorite quote (I've underlined below):

Do you miss performing?

I don’t, believe it or not. I don’t miss the roar of the crowd. I still get that when I take a bow, if I milk it right. I’m not regretful, but I’m envious sometimes.

But really, the entire article is quotable.
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