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Alexandre Hammoudi

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There's an in-depth article online at Time Out magazine from May 30 2013 with Hammoudi. In addition to talking at length about his early training, he discusses working on Ratmansky ballets and his development at ABT so far including coaching. A much more positive view of ABT than Irina Dvorovenko recently gave in the same magazine.


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I enjoyed the Irina's interview and don't think it was that negative. She didn't say anything that we haven't heard before. I recall an article with a number of soloists at ABT who expressed dissatisfaction at being overlooked while stars are being brought into the company as principals. I'm sorry, but I do not recall in what publication that article appeared.

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I really do think Irina was more candid in her interview than she would have been if she were still with the company. Now that they're out, she and Maxim can say whatever they want to and it won't hurt them. Hammoudi does come off as more upbeat about ABT, and it's a rather sunny, honest-sounding interview, but I'm sure he needs to be diplomatic. He simply can't be as outspoken about ABT as he is about the Paris Opera Ballet, for example. I would be delighted if he's given more opportunities to perform, and I liked his Espada, though his ballroom von Rothbart has a way to go--he doesn't look quite "grown-up" and he doesn't project enough enigma or menace. (Part of this may be his small jawline, which gives his face a sweetly boyish look.) I gather he's injured and his withdrawal in some upcoming perfs is very unfortunate, but I hope he recovers soon enough to dance again before the end of the Met season.

One other thing: How nice that Time Out devotes so much space to interviews with dancers. I approve!

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