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Greetings From the Lowlands


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Hi, I've been lurking here quite a bit, but not contributing. I guess it's time to jump in and say hello!

I enjoy reading all your reviews and opinions here, and I tend to lurk in the sub-forums of the Russian companies most. I have a bit of a St. Petersburg dream, but in the meantime I live vicariously through the words of those who are able to see these wonderful dancers regularly (or at all) in their natural environment.

I'm all for artistic experimentation and pushing the boundaries of the form, so am in general more passionate about seeing new choreographies and new approaches, rather than over-emphasis on the classical heritage. I love the Swan Lakes and Hamlets of this world, but I also like to see living artists encouraged and contemporary audiences challenged.

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Thanks for introducing yourself, Janneke. My impression is that if we must categorize our membership, most posters (self included) tend to be conservative while acknowledging the need for new works. It's good to have a new voice that reflects a preference for the opposite emphasis.

Welcome to BalletAlert! :tiphat:

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Janneke, while the forum was founded to provide a place for discussion of classical ballet, we also have many posters interested in other forms of dance. We don't have many posts from Europe about new works, and we would welcome them, so please feel free to post about what you're watching, what's new there. Welcome!

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