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Single ABT tickets for Sale: Romeo and Juliet and Swan Lake

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Hi everyone,

I had purchased tickets for ABT's Met season for myself and a few friends. However, a few of them won't be able to make it and I am looking to sell the following tickets slightly below cost:

1) Romeo and Juliet: June 14th (Osipova/Hallberg) ROW E seat 115 Orchestra Stalls Centre section

2) Romeo and Juliet: June 11th (Semionova/Hallberg) ROW K seat 116 Orchestra Stalls Centre section and I seat 15 (Orchestra Side)

3) Romeo and Juliet: June 15th matinee (Murphy/Stearns) ROW I107 Orchestra Stalls Centre

4) Swan Lake: June 17th (Semionova/Hallberg) Row A seat 20 (Orchestra side)

Except for the matinee R+J, which is $85, I am selling each ticket for $100 (I payed $110 when I purchased them as part of a subscription). Please message on leenahassan68@hotmail.com me if interested and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance!

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