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Les Sylphides question.

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I've always been curious about changes being done by Fokine in Les Sylphides and how it came to be danced in Cuba. The version that Alonso still has in repertoire-(which is engraved in my memory)- is the one she imported from BT during the late 40’s-(it was staged in Havana in 1948 to be precise)-, but the one danced by the Ballet de Camaguey-(staged by Fernando Alonso)- had a rather different lineage, that of the one his brother Alberto Alonso carbon copied from his years at the BRdMC-(earlier than the one Alicia learned). That version is also still danced by Fernando’s company. Now, knowing that the ballet sort of morphed a bit thru the years…is there a possibility that any substantial changes happened in between the two versions…? Did Fokine changed anything toward the very last stagings of the ballet…?


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