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The Village Voice - more departures

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The paper has been hollowing out its staff for ages, but on top of the resignations of editor Will Bourne and deputy editor Jessica Lustig last week (who fell on their swords rather than carry out even more layoffs mandated by management), long-time writers Michael Musto and Robert Sietsema are out as well. A few more details here.

This just makes me sad.

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Thanks for posting, sandik. The demise of the Voice, with accompanying dramatic departures, has been predicted/announced/analyzed since at least 1974 or thereabouts, but this is different, probably (although some print publications have been able to turn it around somewhat).

The Boston Phoenix, which once published Marcia B. Siegel and Jeffrey Gantz on dance (I see Gantz's byline at the Globe from time to time), shut down recently. That's how the media crumble.

Good luck on the internet, people. You're going to need it......

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When I was young and living in the Village, The Voice provided an education in the lively arts in New York City. (Not to mention being a required source for information about available apartments in lower Manhattan.) The exciting part was the way that the classical arts were integrated into coverage of all sorts of other cultural events. An out-of-the-way alternate rock club/Carnegie Hall -- New York City Ballet/Meredith Monk -- and on and on. Times change, and so do the goals of management: To wit, this statement from a representative of the owners:

“The net effect of these changes will be to slightly reduce the number of editorial employees at the publication — by less than one full-time position — and better align The Voice with the long-term business and editorial goals of the company,” Ms. Sfetko said. “This restructuring will allow The Voice to continue offering superior content and products to its New York audience — specifically film, music, restaurant, and breaking news easily accessible across both print and digital platforms — while also ensuring the sustainability of the publication

Why do I get the feeling that this does not include serious coverage of the classical arts?

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