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Lincoln Center Appoints B'way Veteran as New President

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I don't how ballet friendly he is, but this seems encouraging:

Raised on the Upper West Side, Mr. Bernstein said he was taken as a 6-year-old to the Metropolitan Opera to see Leontyne Price in "Aida."

"It was a transformational moment," he said. "It was a time in New York when middle-class people did that."

To some extent, Mr. Bernstein said he would like to return Lincoln Center to that role, as a place where just about anyone would come to see Tiler Peck dance or Nathan Gunn sing.

This year Lincoln Center Festival has zero ballet representation, it's such a letdown after RDB & Mariinsky in 2011 & POB in 2012. I hope LC invites at least one ballet company each year.

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Well, he's certainly demonstrated creativity in the past. It would be nice if he could strengthen the financial status of Lincoln Center in the way that he boosted Broadway's.

But this

“We need to be approachable,” Mr. Bernstein said. “There should be nothing ivory tower about it — except the stone.”

gives me trepidations that we may be in store for a lot more Ocean's Kingdoms-like panderings.

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I don't think this position involves program decisions. His main objectives are fundraising for the overall Lincoln Center campus and the capital intensive projects needed on the campus, such as the renovation of Avery Fisher hall.

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