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ABT Shout Out on Nurse Jackie

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Had to laugh at an ABT shout out during Nurse Jackie (on Showtime). A young African American man is brought into the ER with an injured knee. He is being attended to by the ER Chief, Dr. Prentiss (also African American) and Nurse Jackie (Edie Falco). The young man explains he's a dancer with Alvin Ailey and can't afford to miss any performances. By way of making the young man less anxious Nurse Jackie says, "Dr. Prentiss here likes modern dance" to which Dr. Prentiss replies, "I like modern dance alright but I'm really an ABT man." Funny. Yea ABT!

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In the first seasons of Suits on the USA cable network, a big law firm secretary tried to bribe a partner into doing a favor for her boss with a pair of ABT tickets and succeeded.

In one episode of Gilmore Girls, the character Emily Gilmore told her daughter that she's sponsoring a Russian dancer at City Ballet.

And slightly off topic, there's a scene of Six Degree of Separation was filmed on the State Theater Promenade, where the characters played by Stockard Channing and Donald Sutherland were so into a discussion with their friends during intermission that they were about to miss Swan Lake 3rd act.

The reference to ballets on TV shows and movies are generally positive, the characters that like ballet are usually upper middle class and professionals.

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