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ABT Spring 2013 Met Gala

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I don't have much time, but I thought I would start this topic. The main question on my mind is the way Hallberg executed the fish dives w. Seo. From my observation he went behind her, spun her with both hands and then got her into the fish dive position. Isn't this supposed to be done with the man in a kneeling position using only ONE arm to spin the ballerina and then get her into the fish dive position?

I thought Symphony in C looked pretty good. In particular, I thought Part was ethereal. She had a few wobbles, but nothing terrible. Also thought Boylston and Simkin in the third movement were outstanding.

Symphony No 9 looked even more polished on the big Met stage than it did at City Center.

I thought the new piece by Gomes for Bolle and Kentwas dull, but not as bad as some of his other works. Best thing about it was we got to see Bolle shirtless.

As noted in another topic, Osipova is out with an injury. No info on the nature of the injury. If this turns out to be a season-ending injury, I will have a lot of ticket exchanges.

For the first time in as long as I can recall, Caroline Kennedy did NOT give a curtain speech. Sigourney Weaver gave a little speech about the JKO school. It appears that Caroline is a bit busy for the next few weeks as a juror on a drug case.


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I hope Osipova's injury is nothing serious, that the management is in cautious side so she will be ready for the all important Met season.

Symphony #9 looked even better this time, I imagine it'd look even better at the State Theater if ABT decides to bring it back this fall season. I thought the tempo for Symphony in C a bit slower than what I used to with NYCB. Xiomara (sub for Natasha) and Ivan were fantastic together, she's a equal match for Ivan with lightning fast multiple pirouettes. In general the whole company looks great. We're so blessed with 2 great ballet companies.

A great night for celebrity watching, the Daily Mail reporter must have missed Bebe Neuwirth & Christine Baranski.

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Today's review of ABT's opening night in the NY Post (by Leigh Witchel) characterizes Osipova's injury as a "minor foot injury". Hopefully this means that she will be back for the rest of her ABT appearances.

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