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Cinema broadcasts for opera, theatre and ballet have all taken off. Maybe exhibitions are next. The British Museum has a hugely popular exhibition on at present, Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum. It's quite difficult to get a ticket, given the demand. There will be a cinema broadcast of the exhibition on 18 June. Details at


The cinemas in question seem to be only UK / Ireland, but I suppose it might spread further or be repeated. This might not be the first live cinema event for an exhibition - I have a vague recollection that the Royal Academy's recent Manet exhibition was broadcast.

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Much obliged for the heads-up, Lynette H. It's not the same thing as being there, of course, but I do think cinema broadcasts of these exhibits is a good idea. I expect they'd schedule carefully, because I think there'd be a real risk of people going to the cinema and then not bothering to get to the actual exhibition, but the more the merrier IMO.

Pompeii itself is in trouble. I hope the Italian government can get it together.


Two years after the announcement that the union would commit more than $140 million to the restoration of Pompeii, where exposure to the elements and ill-fated interventions have led to routine collapses, the union’s regional affairs commissioner, Johannes Hahn, visited the city on Wednesday with three Italian government ministers.

I hope anyone who sees the exhibition will tell us about it. Does anyone know of other museum exhibits shown in movie houses?

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