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I'm sure you all will love this...

Giselle-(didn't she tell Dolin in "A portrait of Giselle" that she had never danced the role in the Soviet Union...?


Chopiniana, with Vitaly Onoshko


With the one and only Soloviev, again in Chopiniana...


As Odile...


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don't think she said that, I think her first was with yuri soloviev.

@ 1: 15:08

D: "Did you dance it for the first time in Russia?"

M: "I was prepared, but I think the first performance I gave for the public was in London, in 1961-(Royal Opera House)- and it was unexpectable success for myself. I was shocked...because I was 19, 20 years old, and it was a remarkable day for me, in my memory. My first Giselle in my first tour coming out..."


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My wild guess is that all that Soviet Giselle footage of Makarova, as well as the pics, come from recorded, non live performances-(those we can see so often of Nureyev, Sizova, et al with fake applauses)-or on a TV studio, like the first clip I posted, and that her very first live performance was the one she talks about with Dolin in London.

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