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Nominations and analysis.

Hollywood stars faced disappointment too. Bette Midler, in her first Broadway role since “Fiddler on the Roof” in the late 1960s, was passed over for a best actress nomination for the play “I’ll Eat You Last,” despite rave reviews. Alec Baldwin, Jessica Chastain, Scarlett Johansson, Jim Parsons and Sigourney Weaver also lost out; the producers of “Orphans,” Alec Baldwin’s first project since the television show “30 Rock,” may have erred by not moving him to the featured actor category, where the competition was slimmer. But others did well: Tom Hanks received a best actor nomination for “Lucky Guy,” his Broadway debut.

Nice to see that things are getting a little harder for the movie people. Until last year it was beginning to seem like a trend - swing by Broadway, pick up a Tony......

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The Tony Awards are this Sunday evening. I'm rooting for Vanya, Sonia, Masha & Spike for best new play. I adored the play, and the performances were uniformly excellent. It's dark comedy at its very best.

I also thought Tracy Letts gave the single most memorable and brilliant performance of the season as George in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolfe. However, the buzz is that they will probably give the award to Tom Hanks for Lucky Guy.

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Tracy Letts doesn't look like my idea of George but I understand he was excellent. Interesting that in recent revivals the Georges seeom to be monopolizing the notices and the prizes.

I also understand that Hanks was/is actually pretty good and he seems to have been a good Broadway soldier this season. I wouldn't have cried if he'd won, although it was a nice moment for Letts, who looked gobsmacked when they announced his name.

It was nice to see Durang win, too. Overall a pretty good show, I thought, an improvement from last year.

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