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It's like the Oscars of Royalty over the past 48 hours. Queen Beatrix abdicates (well, really retires) in favor of her son, and the country throws a party!

There are two English Language websites that seem to be covering all the fashion fun (clothing and jewelry):

The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendour

The Daily Mail

Personally I'm a fan of Queen Maxima's gown.


It's supposed to look "queenly" and the cape matches the one her husband is wearing. And she pulls off the big Tiara very well.

Any other looks from the various events that any of you like? (even if you're not particularly pro-monarchy, the fashion and jewelry are fun eye candy)

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Thanks for posting, Jayne. Nice to see Crown Princess Masako looking well and getting out and about again. I have limited use for royalty myself apart from thanking our country's founders daily for not foisting the system of titles on us, but she's got a tough row to hoe at the Japanese court and I wish her the best.

That blue is a trifle intense for a solid color frock IMO but I agree Maxima manages it. The new royal family is an attractive bunch.

I wonder what Charles is thinking? "Gee, a mother with the grace to get the hell out of the way. I'm going to be in a wheelchair before I get this gig."

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I think ER may live quite healthily into her second century. Perhaps Charles will be Prince Regent long before he is King Charles. And the same fate may befall William.

Only in the Netherlands does techno meet the new king and family!

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True, there's no reason the Queen shouldn't live as long as her mother. She looks more Hanoverian with every year, but I think she'll hang on to her marbles and even if she doesn't I suspect a regency is unlikely. On a related topic, Camilla looks quite nice in that blue number.

I can't say I'm overpowered by the collective fashion sense on display, but Princess Marilène of Orange-Nassau, whatever that is, looked striking and I liked Princess Mathilde of Belgium's frock - on her.

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