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Madison Keesler


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Omigosh, I was wondering if I was allowed to comment about that! Peggy, have you been following her on Twitter for a while? She dropped a cryptic Tweet about a month ago, saying "it's happening, it's finally happening!" along with a comment about London, and offered a tacit cyber-wink and nod when I commented "I'm thinking this doesn't bode well for your San Francisco fans." Well, personally, I'm sad. I thought she was heading in the way of soloist (maybe she thought so as well). A lovely dancer, a lovely presence at the SFB. I'm glad, at least, to know she's active on Twitter, and such an engaging person to follow there. That, alas, will be the only way I'll "see" her after this season. Sob! (Peggy, if you are indeed on Twitter, my "handle" is @classicalgrrl, and my name is Terez Mertes. If you follow me, I'll follow you!)

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