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Robert Irving and the New York City Ballet Orchestra

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Ho-ly Cow! As a Chicago sportscaster use to say, when somebody hit a home run, I think. (I never was much of a sports fan.) Anyway, What a performance! What playing! And what tempos! Did they dance all the way through like that? I don't remember when I first started to see this, not before 1973, but although the pas de deux tempos and some others are familiar, many are much faster than my previous experience. What snap! What transparency! (I've always regretted that Irving didn't also record more standard repertory. He was first rate, not that the late Hugo Fiorato was any slouch, either.)

Oh, and what a transfer! Did anybody hear some LP-surface crackle? Not me. Many thanks, Mme. Hermine, this made my day. (Now I must e-mail some links to friends.)

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