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ABT Single Ticket Sales Question

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Anybody having any luck with the Met website? It's 12:10 PM, and it seems to be dead - I can't get through neither from my PC nor from my phone.

What does it look like at the box office? Lots of people? Are you able to get the tickets that you were hoping to get?

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The site is a disaster this morning. When I finally got through, it wouldn't let me check out -- I kept getting an error message. I'm trying to buy things in small batches (2 or 3 tickets) so I can spend most of the 10-minute count-down trying to get to check-out. I was able to buy two batches about an hour ago, but now it appears the entire check-out system has malfunctioned. I get things into my cart, but can't check out. Again and again and again...

I've been buying tickets on-line for several years for the ABT spring season and never had this kind of problem. Either their software is backsliding or there is much more demand this year than in previous years. The only consolation: there are a lot of seats - but the ones you had your heart set on might be gone when you finally get through.

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I had pretty much the same experience. Bought my tickets online but the sale never went through. I kept trying to get back to the online ticket page but I wasn't allowed. Meanwhile I was on the phone (got through in 15 minutes, waaaaaaited for an ticket agent for another 30 minutes, from California yet). The agent saw that my sale transaction online was there but the sale hadn't gone through. After talking with her supervisor she was able to release those tickets and sell them to me on the phone. All in all it took an hour. California is right; it was a disaster over there.


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Things are working fine right now, early Monday morning. I was unable to get the last few tickets I wanted Sunday afternoon -- I was able to pick seats, get them into my cart, but then got an error message when I tried to check out. That went on from about 2 EDT until well into the evening. But apparently everybody else had the same problem -- I kept requesting the same seats and they were always available on each try. I finally got them this morning. Apparently they had somebody on the tech staff working on the site last night!

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