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Andre Eglevsky

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scan of a postcard reproducing a painted portrait of Andre Eglevsky, by one Glyn Philpot, dated 1937. oddly, the dancer could be costumed for Balanchine's THEME AND VARIATIONS - the tunic resembles that worn by Igor Youskevitch when he created the leading male dancer of THEME, in which he wore a plumed hat similar to that also in the picture, but sources seem to agree that the painter died in '37, so the card's captioning is likely correct, leading one to think perhaps the costume design for the male dancer leading THEME was a remake of some earlier costume design, or it's all a curious coincidence.



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Beautiful. It is a joy to see a young Eglevsky so relaxed -- almost languidly so. Quite different from the performance photos -- inevitably showing tensions -- one usually sees from later on his career.

Another Philpot portrait illustrates Wikipedia's entry on Eglevsky. It is dated 1937, the year Eglevsky left Europe for the U.S. Since Philpot was based in England (his portraits of figures from the arts and society are often reproduced in books about the interwar years in Britain) the costume is probably something from the European rep of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo.

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