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Joffrey rehearsal video of Green Table

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Yes, it's Maximiliano Zomosa. But all the Joffrey dancers were great, including those bizarre diplomats who start if off. Thank you, sandik, for posting the link to the video.

This brings back so many memories of that first City Center set of performances. I was a student at the time. The Vietnam War (with its obsession with military hardware and "body counts") was at its height. Everything -- I mean everything -- was affected by this war, especially if you were young..

This ballet had an effect on me more powerful and enduring than just about any dance work I've seen. I think it was the bitterness of the satire at the beginning of the ballet --even more than the tragic events that develop when the war begins -- that was most shattering.

I came back to see it two more times. The emotional and visual memories have never really left me.

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