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Ballet Arizona: "Romeo+Juliet," 14 Feb-17 Feb


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Tonight is Opening Night of Ballet Arizona's "Romeo+Juliet," choreographed by Ib Andersen, and it runs through Sunday.

I don't see casting posted to the website, but I did find a link to a .pdf feature, "Meet our Juliets":


The three Juliets are Amber Lewis, Jillian Barrell, and Tzu-Chia Huang.

This is my favorite classical/neoclassical version of the ballet. The choreography is terrific, and Ib Andersen is a master of clear storytelling.

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BA posted photos of their Romeos -- Nayon Iovino, Slawomir Wozniak, and Junxiong Zhao -- and Juliets -- Tzu-Chia Huang, Amber Lewis, and Jillian Barrell to Facebook, and today they posted:

Didn't see Nayon Iovino and Jillian Barrell in last night's performance of Romeo & Juliet? No worries, you can see them perform again tonight!

Tickets are still available by calling our Box Office at 602-381-1096 or online at

There's a lovely photo of the two of them.

So we know at least who one couple is!

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Nayon Iovino and Jillian Barrell were lovely this afternoon but for me the best part of the Anderson's R & J is in the choreography done for 3 female "Cousins of Juliet". And again (just as I was in this year's Giselle) today I was most drawn to watching little Beau Campbell whenever she is onstage. I hope the company will consider casting her as Juliet next time it is performed. She is perfect for it from what I can tell of her thus far.

One quibble. Not enough dancing in this version for me. I also don't feel that Mercutio death scene works...at all. I hope Mr. Andersen will re-do this section at some point.

Overall though a nice performance but with room to expand.

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