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Mariinsky II To Open in May 2013

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Will the new theatre be mostly for opera? Or will the ballet also perform there? I assume they needed more modern backstage facilities and equipment to stage operas with complicated sets. Ballets, on the other hand, need to keep the stage fairly clear so sets are easier to do with older backstage areas for ballet, so I am hoping the ballet mainly stays put in the old theatre. Does anyone know?

I agree with Helene that the outside of it is not inspiring.

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It does look very like a box at the moment, and it can never compare in atmosphere with the Mariinsky Theatre - especially for ballet performances - but hopefully it will give more dancers an opportunity to perform more often, rather than just the favoured few.

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This is a brief video showing the architects' intent.

This is the original prize winning 'golden shell' proposal by another architect that was replaced by the current design.


The concept of the 'golden shell' design has fascinated me since I first saw it and I could discuss it for hours. I thought that it could have been be a wonderful artistic statement but I can sympathize with both sides of the debate about it regarding compatibility and practicality. It was selected by such jury members as "Mikhail Piotrovsky, director of the State Hermitage Museum, who rivals Mr. Gergiev as St. Petersburg’s leading cultural luminary." (NY Times article above) It was replaced by the current design, apparently for practical reasons. The inside of the new theater should be very attractive, comfortable and well functioning based on what I've read about the architectural firm from Canada.

Whatever my personal feelings, I've been watching the new theater go up so long that is has become sort of an old friend.

[Added comment: I want to thank Catherine Pawlick, who first posted elsewhere the link to the photos shown at the top of this page.]

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Hello everyone!

I have been following this forum since a long time but it is the first time I ever post a message. I am writing a dissertation about the opening of the new mariinsky (who fund it, what are the political and economical purpose, how it is related to the cultural diplomacy...) and I find it very hard to get informations other than reviews from newspaper. I was wondering if some of you knows a governmental report or some serious reviews, books or even dissertation about it? It will helps me a lot! And maybe I can post it here when it is over.

Thank you very much in advance for your help!

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