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Thank you for posting those clips, MH. Geltzer is someone that I've always been very curious to know more about. Usually all the focus in books and Russian ballet history goes back to St. Petersburg and the Mariinsky, but not too much on the Bolshoi. Geltzer is mentioned a lot in Ksesshinskaya's book, and she was one of the few Imperial ballerinas who, like Vaganova, did not leave her country. I would like to know more of her story during the last Tsar's era and on the aftermath of the revolution.




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there is probably much more literature about Moscow's Bolshoi theater and troupes in Russian than English speakers are aware of.

i know a scholar of the young generation who has researched the film above of Geltzer and Tikhomirov and has re-tracked music to it as part of his Aleksandr Gorsky research, making this number much more likely one by Gorsky to Chopin, than with this earlier proposed Schubert track.

the same researcher, who comes highly recommended by the highly regarded Elizabeth Sourtiz, has an abiding interest in Geltzer and in Bolshoi Theater ballet in general. luckily he speaks excellent English tho' i am unaware of his work already in English translation.

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