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Aymara Cabrera...another wasted talent.

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Another sad example of a ballerina who was never given the opportunities she deserved. Miss Cabrera was never made a Principal and sort of faded away. I had the pleasure of seeing her recently here, by chance, in a local shopping center. No more ballet-(and yes...another great ignored potential repetiteur for the classics also at MCB if things could be right)-, but instead a beautiful, happy mother. Still...the memories are there.

Partenaire is a younger Carlos Acosta before international career.


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What a beautiful dancer Cristian!

I'm glad you liked her, Renata. Cabrera was a very delicate, subtle dancer-(maybe too subtle for the general common Cuban taste on the Valdeses of the world).

Here she is as Moyna-(the second Willi recreating her suicide death in a rip current via wonderful renversees).

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