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Trisha Brown to Step Down Due to Ill Health

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Daniel Wakin wrote in today's New York Times that, due to ill health, Trisha Brown will step down from her company.

She named the longtime collaborators Diane Madden and Carolyn Lucas as associate artistic directors. Both have danced for Ms. Brown since the 1980s and moved into other roles. Ms. Lucas became Ms. Brown’s choreographic assistant, and Ms. Madden became rehearsal director.

The company will immediately begin a three-year international farewell tour to present Ms. Brown’s more traditional stage works, as well as plan to produce site-specific dances. It will also establish an archive and create a Web site of Brown materials.


The Brown company consulted with the people who set up the Cunningham plan, although they seemed to have stopped short of announcing eventual closure of the company.

It's great that, as the article said, the cataloging was started in 2009.

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Oh, this is sad news, indeed! Brown's company looked splendid at BAM on Wednesday night. Included in their number was Jamie Scott, who was a member of Cunningham's company from 2007 until it disbanded last year. (Talk about irony.) I liked both of the new works on the program -- Brown's last, alas, although they didn't look at all "valedictory." Brown's choreography has always seemed very "in the moment" to me -- like some sort of natural process that's unfolding in real time right before your eyes -- and perhaps that's the new works didn't read like "the end."

I can't bear the thought of this company breaking up any more than I could bear the thought of Cunningham's breaking up. With these dancers and with Lucas and Madden there too, I know Brown's legacy is safe for at least a little while longer.

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