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Hello everyone


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My name is Pam Carter and I am researching my family history. One of my relatives was a lady known as Joan Davis. She was a choreographer who worked in London during the 1930s and 1940s. She choreographed several theatrical shows with Cleo Nordi.

Now as a child I remember being told that Aunty Joan Davis was a famous dancer who had met Pavlova...there were even autographed photographs to prove it though sadly I do not know where they are now.

To be honest I thought it was a load of bunkum until I started this research and found her company: Joan Davis Dance Producer 10, Great Newport St. London WC2

Joan's real name was Violet Davis but she hated that name with a passion and insisted on being called Joan!

I see that several members of this site have had lessons and conversations with Cleo Nordi. I wonder if anyone heard of my great Aunt Joan. I would so much appreciate hearing from anyone who might have even the slightest tit-bit of information.

Thank you all so much

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Hello, my namesake! No, I cannot say that I remember having heard of Joan Davis. But I do remember 10 Great Newport Street - in fact the very first ballet class I did in London was there. I have no idea what there might be now, but in those days it was a building full of rehearsal rooms and studios which could be rented by the hour. Many independent teachers held their classes there - it was a fairly shabby building with absolutely no amenities, dont think there was a shower in the whole building.

I then proceeded to dance with Rambert and with Cleo Nordi, whom I totally loved. Still, I think it is a great pity that Cleo Nordi never wrote a bio, she must have had a lot to tell.

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