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Is Svetlana Lunkina moving to Toronto?

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I am very surprised that Maria Alexandrova and Maria Allash have been removed from London roles. Both have been featured on the cinematic broadcasts, the tour to Australia, etc.

There's a wrinkle to the cinema broadcasts, which is that choreographers or a ballet's producers have a lot of say about who gets filmed. If you're familiar with the Paris Opera Ballet film of John Neumeier's The Lady of the Camellias, you may remember that Agnès Letestu was to have been paired with Hervé Moreau. But he was injured at the beginning of the run, right on stage, if I recall correctly. A tall replacement had to be found, so the part went to Stéphane Bullion, who had learned the role but not yet performed it. The bonus feature on the DVD relates how Letestu and Bullion flew to Hamburg for intensive coaching before going before the cameras. Obviously it would have been easier to film a different pair with prior experience of performing the ballet together, but Neumeier insisted that the filmed Marguerite had to be Letestu and no one else.

We know that Pavel Dmitrichenko does not like Sergei Filin, and that the feeling is mutual. But Dmitrichenko was cast as Abderakhman in the broadcast of Raymonda because that decision was Yuri Grigorovich's to make. Dancers' participation in the Bolshoi's broadcasts indicates that they are liked by Grigorovich, Burkala or Ratmansky, not necessarily that they are favored by the Bolshoi management. That's why Alexandrova, Allash and Skvortsov can be featured prominently on film while also being dropped from their London roles.

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