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I wish I could see this smile.png

Trailer for Meryl Tankard's Cinderella:

From interview: MERYL TANKARD: IF THE GLASS SLIPPER FITS, WEAR IT! by Maeshelle West-Davies

"Since I am quite used to spending a lot of my time on long trips to and from Australia, I decided to use this experience in Cinderella. The story begins in an airport with Cinderella, and the very 'glamorous!' sisters, travelling to an exotic location for a huge party hosted by a wealthy prince. A lot of the scenes will be in 'hotel rooms' and the garden scene has been influenced by Sydney's beautiful botanical gardens."


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Thanks for posting that. Looks like a good comparison to Wheedon's version. It has a David Hockney Los Angeles period look, with hard edged objects that won't harmonize. in the ballroom scene everyone is dressed in sharp black and white patterns except for the step-sisters in violet purple and forest green.

There's also a clip for Leipziger Ballett's Jim Morrison – their Nijinski?

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I agree with innopac: this looks like it would be fun to watch.

Quiggan, the "look" in the trailer reminds me more of Fellini (in La Dolce Vita mode) than Hockney. Those nuns seated on the plane, for example. Cinderellais' ballgown and the silver flats are very late-50s high school promwear.

I played this on my tablet, so the sound may have been distorted: but has there been some reorchestrating going on? The famous waltz during the ball scene seemed to be scored differently from what I recall. More Weill-like? To fit the manic quality of some of the dancing? The corps (and the sisters) reminded me of something the inmates at Charenton (in Marat Sade) might have dreamed up. In a good sense, I mean.wink1.gifbiggrin.png

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