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miscaptioned Kirov Ballet photo from '65 Paris tour

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obviously someone stuck the wrong caption on the back of this publicity photo, as these dancers are not Sizova and Soloviev and the ballet for which they're costumed and posed is not LENINGRAD SYMPHONY.

i have sent these scans around for possible accurate identification(s).

if they arrive in due course, the results will be posted on the thread.

this just in from a former Leningrader: the dancers are Kaleria Fedicheva and Vladlen Semyonov.

p.s. the same Leningrader now says that suggesting Fedicheva might not be correct and advises waiting for others familiar with Kirov dancers of the period to chime in.



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That is definitely not Leningrad Symphony! LOL I love the ballet Leningrad Symphony. It is a moving anti-war (my own interpretation) ballet. It shows the horrors of war. Too bad it is not more popular or well known.

Thanks for always posting interesting tidbits! I learn so much!

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