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Russian (specifically Moscow) companies performing in June-July

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Hi everyone,

Since the websites aren't really planned that far in advance, does anyone know whether or not Mariinsky, Bolshoi, Mikhailovsky and Stanislavsky theatres are holding performances in June? Or do they have the month off? I may be making a trip to Russia around that time and, although I know the Vaganova Academy will be having their graduation performance near the end of June (if I'm not mistaken), I was interested in whether or not other theatres will still be working at that time. I would give anything to watch Olga Smirnova in Moscow and Anastasia Kolegova/Olesya Novikova in Petersburg...

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From mid-May through mid-July there is a festival of opera and ballet in St. Petersburg (The "White Nights" festival) - and the Mariinsky performs as part of that festival. I believe guest artists also sometimes are invited to appear. I don't know the exact dates of any performances. Apparently the program may not get announced until as late as March. (I don't know about Moscow performances, but this website has some performances posted for June already--the information may or may not be reliable this far out: http://www.operaandballet.com/index.html?sid=9Pw6h47v0Lp95J5Yf3N1〈=eng) .

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