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Hello - trying to track down Darci poster


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If you search Google-images, it turns up (Darci Kistler Odette). Oberon's Grove has it - although presumably from retrieving it from another site:


Can't you post "wanted" on e-bay to get the actual poster? Or try one of the ballet memorabilia sellers you see listed on e-bay? (Where is the old Ballet Shop on Broadway when you need them!)

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Yes - I have looked under every rock: Ebay, NYCB no longer carries it, Richard Corman's people have no idea, all my web searches have just turned up

images, mostly on blogs and pinterest. It seems it has disappeared from the face of the earth! Such a shame for such a beautiful photo/poster...but I'm not giving up...I'll keep searching. Perhaps there's a ballet memorabilla shop not on ebay that I can look for.....

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I studied my Darci Kistler T-shirt of Darci in Swan Lake pose - and to my surprise, her feet appear to be in a lake, she is surrounded by trees, and in the background the buildings that surround Central Park. Could this T-shirt be the poster you are referring to? I've had it for years, I won it in a WQXR contest. I doubt this is of any help to you, but Suki Schorer passed me as I was wearing it and asked me if Fairway was crowded (I was on Broadway near the market). Odd how a T-shirt can identify you!

Yes, the words "Darci Kistler, Swan Lake in Central Park; photo by Richard Corman" in small letters on the side of the photo. I hope you find your poster. These things do pop up unexpectedly if you keep searching.

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Yes - thats the photo! So pretty! Think I will have to look an ebay every week for the next few yearsI did email Ms. Kistler at her new

school (never heard back) and the photographer's rep tried to be helpful but Mr. Corman is out of the country so he couldn't chime

in either...

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