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Octavio Roca

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Lorena Feijoo just posted this to her Facebook Page:

Good evening friends, for many this is their favorite time of year, not only because of the holidays, the great home cooked meals, family reunions, the opening of presents, but also for the change of seasons. Yes, there are still some of us who love our hot chocolate with marshmallows or even a hot toddy now and then. No matter who or where you are from there is no question these are times for loved ones and old friends to come together to rejoice and count their many blessing. With that said, we kindly ask all of you to keep in your thoughts and prayers our beloved writer of "Cuban Ballet", Octavio Roca who was just recently diagnosed with colon cancer. He is doing fine and his spirits are certainly riding high, but we do need all of your support and prayers to get him over this bump that has presented itself in the road of his life. We know that many of you are people of conviction and faith, and who have the capacity to will the universe to heal those others who are in need of your strength, passion, and goodwill. Speak his name, speak his return of health, because what we feel, speak, and seek becomes real. This forum of communication always serves us as a constant reminder that together we are one. Happy holidays and many blessings to you all. Yours,

I wish Mr. Roca a full recovery.

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