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Marfa Muravyeva

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a few historic studies of GISELLE's beginnings include photos of Muravyeva in the title role.

One used in more than one book shows her seated more or less for a portrait with a spray of marguerites in her hand; this one, full-figure shows what seems to be the vintage crowning scepter and her non-pointe shoes, which, closely resemble those of the original costume sketches for Giselle in act 1 of the ballet.


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Browsing and revisiting this amazing collection of rg's pics-(thanks both rg and Helene for the great work at putting them all together!)-I realize how this ballet has somehow come full circle in its costume design to where Grisi started. Whereas posterior pics show a desire to modernize and change the look of the heroine-(Pavlova's pseudo art-deco camisole and Chase in her long sleeves/braided wig)-now we see our modern Giselles in a very similar fashion to what Muravyeva shows.



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Cyril Beaumont uses a similar photo of Martha Muravieva in his book on Giselle published in 1944. It is clearly from the same photographic session in 1863 as the above, as there are only slight differences in hand and head positions. It was published beside a photo of her costume from Act II. I took photos of these from the book (small jpgs) that came out surprisingly well but need advice about how to attach them to a message in Ballet Alert.

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