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Lois Bewley, RIP

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From today's "New York Times," Lois Bewley, who danced with the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Ballet U.S.A, and First Chamber Dance Quartet, and was an opera director, costume designer, and choreographer as well, died of a stroke at 88.


I hope people who saw her dance will post remembrances.

Rest in peace, Ms. Bewley.

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Oh dear. I never saw her dance, and I do hope that those who did will post, but I do recall that in the 70s, she came to Chicago Ballet and choreographed a ballet to the music of Lionel Hampton, Jelly Roll Morton and Spike Jones(!). She did class with us but my memory really fails me on what she might have looked like - I do remember that she brought a dog into class! smile.png I have seen some of the pet portraits she did for her colleagues and they were beautiful. More please!

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