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Alonso and Kriza in Ballet Theatre's DON QUIXOTE PAS DE DEUX

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the attached scan of an undated publicity photo set for newspaper publication might document the version of the now-ubiquitous 'highlight' number first staged for Ballet Theatre by Anatole Oboukoff in 1944.

Kriza's hands show decided Spanish-dancer detailing.

there is some retoucher's brushwork on the print.



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Ah...no wonder that Pas had been such a permanent staple in the Cuban company since the late 40's..!

Lovely pic, rg...Alonso had some lovely recollections of Kriza, among those who she has in high regard from her BT times...(Markova, Kaye, Youskevitch, Eglevsky, Hayden, Fallis)- in one of her biographies. I think she referred to him as having an "American playboy type". happy.png

Her eyes don't fail to have that "lost look",even at that young age...(the upcoming blindness...)

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One of my fondest memories as a young ballet student was taking a master class taught by Kriza . Even though some of us were just learning and trying to master the basics, he was so warm and encouraging we did not want his class to end. He approached us as though we were fully fledged professional dancers. What a wonderful man.

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