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Where can we see Adiarys Almeida in USA?

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Miss Almeida was a regular with the Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami performances in the past. She has also been in the roster of the Cincinnatti ballet and the Corella ballet in Spain. I think all that switching between companies hasn't done too much good in her career. She's a wonderful dancer. I saw her as O/O here in Miami a few years ago.

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I saw the clips in youtube.com.

And wonder what company is she dancing with these days.

If any one knows, please let us know.

Miss Almeida is listed to dance, along with Joseph Gatti-(also a Soloist with Boston Ballet)-, The Nutcracker in Miami, in Magaly Suarez production.


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Miss Almeida will perform with Florida Classical Ballet at their Gala at Gusman Center for the Performing Arts in Miami, June 1st at 8:00PM, along with Daniel Sarabia, Jordan Elizabeth Long from Royal Swedish Ballet and principal dancers from San Francisco Ballet Joan Boada and Taras Domitro, among others.

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