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Herve Moreau Paris Opera Ballet


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It is so good to see Herve back on stage after his terrible injury sustained in Australia in recent times. He appeared with Aurelie Dupont in Sasha Waltz's Berlioz Romeo & Juliette, and was stunning. They both seem so suited as a partnership, the rappore betweeen them is wonderful, expressed by caring glances and true feelings of unity. I sometimes wonder if he has a special affection for Aurelie as he seems to delight in showing his feelings towards her. I am not suggesting they ar e romantically linked, as Aurelie's husband is Etoile Jeremie Belingard.

Herve seems to slowly be appearing in different works, and I hope he will be able to maintain his fitness. He is a very good dancer, expressive, lyrical and a good technician, and it would be great to see him return fully without any more problems to be involved in the full repertoire. Bravo and good luck Herve Moreau.

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