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Evelyn Hart


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Many years ago when I was studying at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School, I occasionally saw Evelyn Hart, then a very young company member (or she may even have been still an apprentice or student), in the changing rooms. I envied her her long legs and beautiful physique for a dancer! I lost track of her when I returned to the States, except of course that I knew she'd become a star of the company. It was lovely to watch this and to see how thoroughly she fulfilled her artistic promise!

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I hope it's alright to revive an old topic. Evelyn Hart is my favourite dancer. Even on video I am always moved immensely by her dancing. Unfortunately, I was born too late to have seen her dance  in Giselle or other ballets live but I did get to see her in a new role created for her in "Vespers". It wasn't ballet exactly, as she pointed out herself in interviews but it was her dancing all the same. It was truly transcendent. Somehow, throughout the duration of the ballet I felt as though the theatre had been infused with a sense of timeless spirituality like that of an old church. In a weak attempt to put the feeling into words, it was as though words of saints and medieval mystics had been embodied in the form of dance. To use an image, it was sort of like this: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Hildegard_von_Bingen-_'Werk_Gottes',_12._Jh..jpg

I don't know if it makes sense, but that was the sort of feeling that was there. This is a video about that piece. It was a couple years or so ago.

She's performing again this year in a piece called "Four Old Legs". It's not ballet, James Kudelka referred to it as "heartfelt walking", and I am sure it will be heartfelt to the maximum. I tried to buy tickets but it was sold out almost immediately! I think that there's a video of it somewhere online. An official video of the whole piece too but I think they removed it. Here is an excerpt at least:


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