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"Bolshoi Ballet" - TV Competition, Kultura channel

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I didn't know if others were aware but did not see a posting about this. This summer while I was in Petersburg Emil Faski informed me of this competition which he was at the time working for as a choreographer for one of the pairs of dancers. The competition features couples from the Mariinsky, Bolshoi, Perm, Stanislavsky and Ekaterinburg ballet theatres, and each in both classical and new modern works.

The competition is broadcast every Sunday night in Russia and the full "episodes" from each week can be found here:


Also, as I noted elsewhere:

Of note, in Episode 3, Alexei Miroshnichenko created the piece for the Perm couple -- for those who remember, he first performed at the Mariinsky, became balletmaster there predominantly rehearsing Forsythe works and then shifting to his own choreography before moving to Perm several years ago, where his career is continuing quite successfully. (He showed up briefly at the Mariinsky last season for the Festival). In this episode he has choreographed a charming version of a ballet we never see in the West, "The Tale of the Buffoon" to music by Prokofiev. The Perm couple dances first in this episode.

More information about it can be found here:

http://www.allmusic.... ... 0002367368

For those who haven't seen these dancers dance live, or side by side (ie in the same evening) it is interesting to watch, as are the new works by Russian choreographers.

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