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NYCB ticket swap

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Forgive me if this has been covered. I am considering buying NYCB tickets with the offer of 20% off if you buy 2 or more performances. Tickets can be swapped out up to 1 day before the performance.

I never buy tickets before casting is out, so I am curious if anyone has done the swapping thing and how it worked out.

Again if this has been covered before, I'd appreciate being redirected.

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Vipa -- This sounds like the ticket exchange program NYCB offers its subscribers. I use it with enthusiasm. My husband and I end up exchanging at least half of our season tickets, in part to accomodate our schedules and in part to dodge less-than-compelling programs. (I don't think I've ever changed for reasons of casting.) I normally make my exchanges right before each season begins, although I've had to make a few relatively last minute swaps as well. I've rarely had trouble getting into a performance I wanted to see, although it can be difficult to get last minute seats for big premieres, retirements, and debuts. It's also much easier if you don't require two adjacent seats. If you're going alone or willing to split up during the performance they can usually seat you somewhere reasonable.

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