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Timur Askerov promoted - 1st Soloist

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According to the Russian fora, Timur Askerov has just been promoted to first soloist (as was his 'best lady friend' Skorik last month).


On a related note, apparently Skorik's debut as Titania in Midsummer Night's Dream has been cancelled (postponed?). Kondaurova will dance Titania for the 2nd night in a row (she danced lastnight's opener of this mini-run of AMNDs):


Kondaurova is a real trooper, as she essays the role of Hyppolita tomorrow night (Pavlenko's debut as Titania)!

No reason cited for Skorik's removal from the Titania line-up. Also, mention of her debut has been removed from the MT web's news/press release.


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imho, it's a very unjustifiable promotion (and pretty sneaky one), Besides his hight (and presumed family connections), he was a very "wooden from the waist up', very non-expressive, and not very impressive technically in Orange county's swan lake. I would much rather see a bunch of still 2nd soloist, beginning with (now becoming my favorite) Andrei Yermakov, Zverev, Smekalov,or even coryphees: Ioannisyan (remember his Espada), or Romanchikov (Rothbald in Orange county).

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