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Roberto Bolle


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Thanks for posting the above link, kbarber. Bolle posted some photos on his twitter page of his recent performace w. Veronika Part at the opening night at the LA Philharmonic. They look so good together. It's a shame that ABT has not cast them as partners for so many years.

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Thanks. I was thinking about the full length ballets at the Met. The Bolle/Part SL of a few years ago was among the best I've seen, but then they were never re-united in subsequent years. I will be seeing them at the Oct 20 performance at City Center.

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For all of you Roberto Bolle fans, his publicist forwarded his schedule for the remainder of 2013:



From May 1 to May 12: NYC Rehearsals ABT

May 13 Opening Gala night Met

May 14: Onegin first performance Met

May 16: Onegin, Met

May 15and from 17 to 20: NYC Rehearsals ABT

May 21,22: a Month in the Country Met

Forom 23 to 31: NYC Rehearsals ABT


June 1, 3:ALEXEI Met

From June 4 to 14: NYC Rehearsals ABT

June 15: Romeo and Juliet Met

From 17 to 24: NYC Rehearsals ABT

25: Sylvia Met

26,27: NYC Rehearsals ABT

28: Sylvia Met


19: Roberto Bolle and Friends MANTOVA

21,22: Roberto Bolle and Friends ROMA TERME DI CARACALLA

24: Roberto Bolle and Friends FIESOLE

26: Roberto Bolle and Friends TAORMINA


17 Roberto Bolle and Friends, New York City Center,

24-28 Shanghai


From October 29 to November 6: Rehearsals Milano, Teatro la Scala

7, 8, 12: Histoire de Manon, Milano, Teatro la Scala

23 Roberto Bolle and Friends, Roma


10,17,19,20: Serata Ratmansky, Milano, Teatro la Scala
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I just received a promotional e-mail regarding Bolle's evening at City Center September 17. They describe one piece, "Prototype," by Volpino, as a "ground-breaking work combining both video and dance as Roberto Bolle duels his virtual double." (I don't see that language on the City Center site just yet... http://www.nycitycenter.org/tickets/productionnew.aspx?performanceNumber=7440


It does sound interesting, and I wish I could see it, but they must think we're all stupid with short memories. Just a few years ago, Baryshnikov toured extensively with a piece by Millepied, "Years Later," which featured old video of Baryshnikov with today's edition dancing in front. I saw it in Santa Monica, and it was delightful. Here's a NY Times report from May 14, 2009:


I don't see a date on the Volpino piece. Do we know which came first? Has anyone seen the Volpino, which is described as an American premiere?

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Don't get me wrong - I love Roberto Bolle as a dancer. He's one of the dancers I look for in deciding which Met programs to see, and I own several of his DVDs from La Scala. I'm just skeptical of that marketing promo for one work and I wonder which came first, "Prototype" or "Years Later." Baryshnikov toured that program extensively for a few years, both in the U.S. and Europe, as well as Israel. So there were plenty of opportunities for others to see it.

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So, based on his social media presence, I kind of feel like Bolle has turned into a Dorian Gray figure who is deeply in love with himself. Many ballet dancers do quite a bit of navel-gazing, but Bolle takes it to a whole other level. It's kind of creepy. I mean, the number of videos he posts of his bulbous calf muscles flexing...

I gather that he's been a rather gracious partner, but I wonder if this self-loving persona has been evident onstage at all? I haven't seen him in a few years now...

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19 hours ago, Helene said:

Yet in the documentary I saw about him in the Spring, he seemed warm, generous, and low-key.

Okay -- to be honest, I kind of regret commenting on his social media persona (though I meant it half in jest); I don't think it necessarily says anything about his character. I've found that he documents himself...his face, his anatomy...a lot -- even by dancer standards -- but I'll just leave it at that. He's obviously a beautiful person and I've always enjoyed him at ABT. 

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Roberto Bolle is a genuine kind and caring person. He has a long history of being involved with helping others and charity work. He has been an UNICEF ambassador for almost 20 years, gone to Africa a couple times, performed for Africa and other organizations numerous times. His numerous dance partners and dancers who shared the stage with him over the years  have nothing but utmost compliments to say about him as a dancer and as a person, and he them. His fans who have had contacts with him say the exactly the same thing, also his numerous interviews with the media highlight this point. Just this year, he brought dancing to the prime time TV in Italy on the New Year day, where he danced with a Syrian refugee dancer to raise the awareness of the plight of refugees, he also brought the young dancers from La Scale to share the spotlight. His show won over millions of viewers who discovered the art of ballet through him. In the opening performance at the Davos for WEF, again he brought the young La Scala dancers who danced the significant portions of the performance and shared the spotlight with him. 

For a dancer, let's just focus on the male dancers for now, his body is his work and his instrument. Roberto Bolle maintains his instrument at the peak form at the age of 2-month-shy of 43, this is the result of years of hard work and commitment. If he is proud of his body and wants to show it off, he has every right to be, as does every other dancer, and he is no more showing off than other dancers.  I have see other dancers (repeated praised in this forum) who repeatedly show off their body with nothing but just a dancing belt on on their Instagram.

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I have a feeling his Instagram is not even managed by him anymore. Or at least he only partially manages the activity there. When the Danza con me, or whatever it's called, was first announced, his Instagram story began to aggressively publicize it with specially edited photos. It reminded me of Hollywood stars when they sign an endorsement deal. Their Instagram, but especially their Instagram stories, are flooded with publicity. I'm not assuring that this is the case, but it's certainly a possibility.

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On ‎1‎/‎29‎/‎2018 at 11:45 PM, Helene said:

Yet in the documentary I saw about him in the Spring*, he seemed warm, generous, and low-key.

*Roberto Bolle - The Art of Dance (by Francesca Pedroni).


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