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Brigitte Lefevre


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According to Le Figaro it has been announced officially that Brigitte Lefevre will retire as director of the Paris Opera Ballet in 2014. Several candidates are mentioned as being in the running to replace her including - to my mind the most unlikely - William Forsythe. The actual choice will be made by Nicholas Joel and will be announced in spring next year wwhen the 2013/14 programming is made public.

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Forsythe was mentioned, and so were Ratmansky and Millepied, but not as being "in the running", just the journalist's (bizarre, in my opinion) wish list of people who should apply or should be asked to apply. The ones that are really "in the running" are Hilaire, Le Riche, and probably Legris. Interesting that the article didn't mention a single woman as a possible candidate.

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I wonder if Mme Lefevre will promote Emmanuel Thibault before her departure?

I would like to see Thibault grasp the crown but I fear it won't happen under Madame Lefevre. If it's going to happen for Thibault, I think it would take a Hilaire, Legris or Le Riche to make it happen just before retirement.

The person who has to hope that he will become an etoile in the next two years is Vincent Chaillet, who appears more at home in the contemporary repertory Madame Lefevre favors and might be out-of-luck if the company reverts to a more strictly classical repertory under someone like Legris. (He has a big opportunity coming soon as the promo poster that is out for Marie-Agnes Gillot's choreographic debut suggests he is the featured male.)

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I don't think Ratmansky likes being an administrator, and all the politics that go along with the job. He seems to like having the freedom to visit many different ballet companies to create new works. He has signed a long term - very long term- contract with ABT.

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