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I will admit to not having viewed this video segment.

I have watched more than ten minutes of the rest of the The Shades Act and find her to be absolutely Elegant, almost sublime at times. Her statuesque beauty is as fine as I've seen in anyone. Towards the finale this Elegance carries over to her facial expression and her totality, I find to be, well, -- Absolutely Elegant ! 

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Just watched a video clip twice of a recent performance by Oxana Skorik of the “Swan” (Fokine). I’m more convinced than ever that she is probably the most beautiful ballerina today in terms of pure motion and sculpture. I’ve watched a video clip of Anna Pavlova over and over doing this in slow motion. Probably the most beautiful dance experience that I’ve seen on film. I saw Alina Somova perform perhaps the most compelling version I’ve ever seen (not captured well on video). This video view of Oxana Skorik is the closest I’ve seen to my Anna Pavlova film experience. Absolutely gorgeous !

Added: Having just watched my artificially reproduced video of Anna Pavlova in slow motion, nothing that I've seen on film or stage has come close. Yet Oxana Skorik's 'Real' performance on video is probably the best that I've seen.

Added added: The video of Galina Ulanova's real performance is probably the closest I've seen to my Anna Pavlova experience. Both represent an other worldly beauty of expression that will be hard to touch. Olga Smirnova remains in my mind the most capable today of coming close. In terms of pure dance Ulyana Lopatkina may be one of the best ever. Oxana Skorik still remains in my mind the most beautiful today in pure dance.

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