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I don't believe Psyche was filmed. La Bayadere was, also with Dupont, but I was told - I'm not sure how reliably - that it won't be released on DVD because the older one with Guerin/Hilare/Platel is still available. (Which doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but whatever.)

La Source only played in the US this past month, and R & J hasn't been shown at all yet. There's usually an exclusivity period for broadcast transmissions like that and the DVD can't be released until it ends, so it may be a little while longer. If they are planning to release them at all. Les Enfants du Paradis has yet to be released, and that was filmed in 2010.

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Psyche wasn’t filmed. As for Bayadère, perhaps it’s not so that a DVD already exists but that the 2012 show was of poorer quality.

Anyway, it would make sense to release unpublished works.

If Sasha Waltz wants to push Romeo and Juliet as it happened with Siddharta and Angelin Preljocaj, it could be easier.

More and more shows are filmed for live broadcasts and it’s not sure if they want to release them all afterwards. Caligula was filmed as well before the ones you mentioned (in 2011)

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Just to offer more info. Sasha Waltz Berlioz Romeo & ,Juliette was broadcast on TV and in cinema's 2012, as was La Bayadere with Aurelie Dupont/Josua Hoffalt. There is also a lovely newish Bolshoi with Svetlana Lunkina of Le Corsaire by Alexei Ratmansky Go to Balletoman.com on the internet, where you can watch or download these productions. If you have a DVD burn drive (subject to the size ) you can easily put it on a blank DVD to watch it on a computer or TV. Good luck and enjoy.

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