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Ivan Vasiliev named principal with ABT

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Saw Batalov dance in London a few weeks ago and he can still impress; heavy physique but still better proportioned than I. Vasiliev.

What happens with his performances with Mikhailovsky? They are rumoured to come to London in March, does anyone know if he is likely to appear with them?

Also what happens about Muntagirov? Will he continue to guest at ABT? Of course he is tall with a beautiful line but now his champion, Wayne Eagling, has been booted out of English National Ballet, there is a question mark over how likely he is to stay, particularly as he seems to have been filched from his regular partner Daria Klimentova to dance with his new boss Tamara Rojo. I suppose his future at ABT depends on whether or not the company operates a quota system where Russian male dancers are concerned, but I was very surprised by the negative comments about him here last season, does he dance less well with ABT or is he just unpopular there? Personally I am hoping that the Royal Ballet will snap him up as the male ranks are looking thin after the loss of Putrov and Polunin.

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I thought Muntagirov danced very well at ABT in Swan Lake, but his lack of chemistry w. Dvorovenko was evident. It is difficult for a dancer to drop in for one or two shows with minimal rehearsal time and no prior relationship with a particular partner.

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I agree, abbatt! But at least Muntagirov has the physical line & noble bearing of a Solor or Siegfried. Between looks and chemistry, I can do without the chemistry if there is some gorgeous line to see. Of course, it would be better to have both qualities. :)

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