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Thank you for posting, Jayne. Weisz already played a variation on Anna this year in "The Deep Blue Sea." The movie and her performance were a bit disappointing for this viewer, but both are worth checking out.

I've concluded that Mr. Wright is Britain's Stephen Spielberg for costume dramas

He wishes. :)

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This film does not seem to be getting much love in terms of nominations/year-end best of lists. No SAG nominations, no awards from various film critics associations, to my kjnowledge. I suspect it may get nominations for non-acting categories, like costumes.

It won for best costume design.

Durran has been nominated three times before – in 2006 for Pride & Prejudice and 2008 for Atonement, both directed by Anna Karenina's Joe Wright – but this is her first success.

I tend to agree with cubanmiamiboy that the movie was overdressed, especially the leading lady, but often as not that's what gets recognized at awards time.

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