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Giselle with Dutch National Ballet

Pamela Moberg

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It is not often that I get to see a classical ballet live. The local company is modern and one has to rely on guesting companies. Well, here we were treated to Giselle with the Dutch National Ballet. Thank God, in the traditional style, and we are thanking God again, no canned music, the Gothenburg Opera Orchestra played, just a thing like that makes one's eyes full of tears.

Giselle - Maia Makhateli

Albrecht - Jozef Varga

Myrtha - Sasha Mukhamedov, and to judge from the names, the corps was very international indeed.

A very beautiful performance, here it must be admitted that I have seen better performances in my life, but this was surprisingly good. This is the only work I have seen with Dutch National Ballet, but I would certainly like to see them in other works, they do have a limited classical repertoire.

Yesterday the Maryinskij guested the Stockholm Opera with "Little Humpbacked Horse" - I have read the reviews and I just wish I had been there!

In October there will be guest performances of Swan Lake by something called, wait for it: The Crown Ballet from Moscow Theater. No, I am not making this up, but I have never heard of this company. Anyway, I have no plans of going to Stockholm for this. Has anybody heard of "Crown Ballet of Moscow"? Will I be missing something?

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Some of us know these dancers from Dutch National Ballet DVDs: Jozef Varga is the Albrecht in the "Giselle" DVD with Anna Tsygankova (Giselle), and Mikhateli and Mukhamedov danced Amor and Queen of the Dryads from the Act II Dream Scene in "Don Quichot."

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I saw Sasha Mukhamedov earlier this year in the peasant pdd (or pas de quatre, in this case) in Amsterdam. Giselle and Albrecht were Larissa Lezhnina and Artur Shesterikov. Very enjoyable performance.

Glad to hear you liked it! happy.png

And no, never heard of "Crown Ballet of Moscow"...

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